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What the Hell Happened: Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

Exactly what happened when Will Smith got on that stage after Chris Rock cracked a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith?


Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun: A Study in Courtly Charm and Artistic Empathy

Her portraits continued to refuse an era or tradition, and her sensitive and empathetic portrayals of high-ranking individuals garnered even more popularity for her works.


Artemisia Gentileschi: Female Empowerment in the Artistic Mythos

Her work often featured scenes of strong and empowered women taking down tyrannical male villains, and were laden with double meanings in the context of her own trauma.

"The Gilded Age" Still

‘The Gilded Age’ Season Premiere Review: A Shallow But Entertaining Spectacle

“The Gilded Age” looks promising, or at the very least entertaining, and audiences should look forward to indulging in this gilded escapism.

Still from "Downton Abbey: A New Era" Trailer

Movie Trailer Breakdown: ‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’

The teaser trailer released for the franchise’s upcoming sequel movie proves that there absolutely are stories at Downton Abbey still untold.

ABBA Pop Group Photo

‘ABBA’ 50-Year Retrospective: Thank You for the Music

This year, the timeless phenomenon that is ABBA is returning to the music scene and the stage with their latest album, “Voyage.”

William Shatner in Spacesuit

Why Celebrities Are Going to Space —and What it Means for our Future

Humans have long dreamed of going to space, and now, the wealthiest and most famous can buy the chance to make this vision a reality.


‘Bridgerton’ Season Two First Look: Everything You Need to Know About Anthony Bridgerton’s Character Arc and the Show’s New Characters

Last week, Netflix gave viewers a glimpse at the highly anticipated second season of their hit show “Bridgerton,” with a short but juicy scene that raised numerous questions about characters, plot, and drama for the upcoming season.