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The Sassy Man Apocalypse

The long-awaited canon event of male self-actualization may finally be upon us. Coined initially as the “sassy man apocalypse,” this seemingly global wave of male self-actualization has been anticipated and longed for by feminists for generations.


It isn’t difficult to solicit the perspective of the people whose culture is being appropriated before promoting a product or homogenizing a new phrase. And to those that tell us that that’s too much to ask, I say… Be f-cking for real.

As the One Who Survived, I Am Still Pro-Choice

The crux of the abortion debate is not battling between ideologies of pro-life and pro-choice, but rather failing to understand that our places within this world could have easily been fulfilled by another mind. Another child would have been born on my exact birthdate, made it into Harvard, and contributed something else to society in my vacancy.

Dear Ketanji Brown Jackson

Dear Judge Ketanji — pronounced “kuh-tahn-jee” — Brown Jackson ’92, you are my role model. You are the embodiment of a successful Black woman and the blueprint for Black girls everywhere. You are the coalition of the strength of our Black mothers and our ancestors’ greatest pride. You are the inspiration of my Harvard experience and a pioneer for defining what Black excellence is within white America.