Charles I. Kingson

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Typing of Exams Brings Criticism

Undergraduates who constantly pressure for permission to type their examinations may be quite disappointed if the permission ever comes. A

Wellesley College: The Tunicata

(The Tunicata are thin, lithe animals that move about the sea in their youth, investigating their surroundings. Then one day

Fakes Found in Art Show

Some of the works exhibited as originals in the Student Collection now at Fogg Museum are reproductions or counterfeits, in

Remember the Neediest

It is a basic marketing principle that a better price is obtained by buying in volume. The Central Kitchen buys

Married Grad Students Lack Housing

The young Bryn Mawr graduate looked up from her ironing board. "The living room is no place for work like

Science Education

Shortly after Sputnik I went up, a survey of first-and second-year college students in the Mid-west revealed that 10 per

'With Justice for All'

In baseball, as in most of life, there are winners and there are losers. Mickey Mantle and the New York

Harvard, Local Schools Collaborate in Program

The University has combined forces with three public school systems in a joint effort to examine basic hypotheses of American

My Seven Little Sins

Maurice Chevalier can still romp through the part of the French lover. His hair is getting thin, and he doesn't

White Names Two Sites For Behavior Building

Two possible sites for the Behavioral Sciences building, both on Kirkland St., have been named by Robert T. White '25,

Idiot Box

Two summers ago Perry Miller suggested that Madison Avenue be razed from 42nd to 57th Streets. This would eliminate most

Colleges to Meet Costs By Stress Upon Loans

University officials last night foresaw an increased emphasis upon loans rather than scholarships as a source of financial aid, but

Regional Studies Program Adds East Asian Section

Increasing problems in East Asia and "the need for training people to deal with them" have led to the formation

Architecture Dept. Gains Temporary Design Center

Creation of a temporary Design Center has enabled the Department of Architectural Sciences to expand enrollment in its undergraduate courses,

The North's Backyard

The attempt to give minority groups equality, even when no discriminatory laws exist, can be painful. On Manhattan Island, there