United in Anger

Students remember their support network as a collection of individual people and places at Harvard — a makeshift community of clubs, specific houses, professors, and proctors — rather than a cohesive institutional effort.

Administrators Unveil Adams Renovation Plans, Announce Construction Extended to Four Years

The Adams House renovations timeline, previously slated to begin in June 2019 and take three years, will now extend another year and conclude by August 2023, Faculty of Arts and Sciences administrators announced at a Tuesday town hall.

New Adams Will Preserve Historic Decor, Improve Accessibility

Certain historic features like the pool theater and the former suite of President Franklin D. Roosevelt will be preserved when Adams House undergoes renovations, starting in spring 2019.

Adams Tower

The Adams House tower shines in the sun beneath blue skies on Monday.

Adams House Renewal

Adams House Lower Common Room hosted a house renewal town hall Wednesday evening, at which students were able to voice their concerns to house renewal architects.

Adams Drag Night

Judith S. “Judy” Palfrey ’67 and John G. “Sean” Palfrey ’67 perform to Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood's “The Fighter” at the 2017 Adams House Drag Night.

During Adams Renewal, Some Won't Need Swing Housing

The renewal of Adams House will progress in stages, with students remaining in the House while others live in swing housing. The dining hall will likely remain open.

Adams House Renewal

Adams House is set for renovations after construction is finished on Lowell House.

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