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Ocean Vuong Talks New Work, Diasporic Writing, and the Ethics of Narrative Expression

The enduring resonance of Vuong's texts emerges from his willingness to continually revisit the past as a space of reclamation and dialogue.

Cover Art for "Hill of Beans" by Leslie Epstein

The Converging Pasts of Leslie Epstein

Leslie Epstein spoke with The Harvard Crimson about his latest project, "Hill of Beans" a novel situated in Epstein's own familial history of 1940s Hollywood.

Smith Campus Center
Student Groups

Harvard Graduate Council Reviews Unprecedented Year During Final Public Meeting

Both the resolutions introduced at the meeting aim to ease the financial and mental burdens facing graduate students as a result of the pandemic.

Viola Davis WOTY

Hasty Pudding Theatricals Names Viola Davis 2021 Woman of the Year

Producer and actor Viola Davis will be the Hasty Pudding Theatricals 2021 Woman of the Year, the organization announced Friday.

Graduate Students During the Pandemic - Peter Choi

Harvard Graduate Council Virtually Elects Executive Board for the 2021-22 Academic Year

Members of the Harvard Graduate Council elected Peter Choi and Himaja Nagireddy as the new president and vice president of the Council, respectively.

Liller Birthday
House Life

Former Adams House Master and Astronomy Professor William Liller ’48, ‘Enamored With the Cosmos,’ Dies at 93

Former Harvard Astronomy professor and Adams House Master William Liller ’48 couldn’t take his eyes off the stars.

Grad Students Navigating Covid Graphic

Siloed and Strained, Graduate Students Report Emotional Wellbeing as Obstacle to Online Learning

Since the onset of Covid-19, graduate students have not merely been tasked with adapting their learning and scholarship to a digital platform: the dearth of in-person interactions has forced them to reconsider what academic, social, and emotional work entails.

IOP Chris Coons

Sen. Chris Coons Urges National Service to Bridge Partisanship, Restore Democracy at IOP Event

Sen. Christopher A. “Chris” Coons (D-Del.) underscored the importance of promoting national service to bridge partisan divides and restore democratic values at an Institute of Politics forum event on Wednesday.

IOP Chris Coons

IOP Chris Coons

Sen. Christopher A. “Chris” Coons (D-Del.), right, in conversation with Institute of Politics Director and former Peace Corps Director Mark D. Gearan ’78 during an Institute of Politics event Wednesday evening.

Our Common Purpose Event

Our Common Purpose Event

From left, University Professor Danielle S. Allen, Rockefeller Brothers Fund President and CEO Stephen B. Heintz, and Harvard Kennedy School professor Archon Fung discuss increasing civic engagement in the U.S. at a Kennedy School panel Wednesday.

Our Common Purpose Event

Danielle Allen Calls for Expansion of U.S. ‘Civic Infrastructure’ At Kennedy School Panel

University Professor Danielle S. Allen and Rockefeller Brothers Fund President and CEO Stephen B. Heintz presented strategies to strengthen civic engagement at a virtual panel co-hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School Wednesday.

Smith Campus Center

Harvard Graduate Council Passes Emergency Resolution on Atlanta Shootings, Memorandum on Harvard Email Access

The Harvard Graduate Council heard a presentation on University finances and approved a memorandum recommending extended access to Harvard email addresses during a public meeting Wednesday evening, which took place just hours after the Council passed an emergency resolution in response to last week’s shootings in Atlanta, Ga.

Cho Twins as Babies at GSE Graduation

Harvard in My Mind

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t imagine, pre-admission, what it’d be like. Racing to class, skipping a stone across the Charles, trudging up a narrow stairwell as the sun spilled over treetops. On some nights, after I finish my homework or exit a Zoom call, I still do. Now, in my childhood home, I still imagine what it would be like to be where you are, to breathe your city’s air. To see you.

Students walking in Harvard Yard
Graduate School of Design

How Eight Harvard Graduate Students Adapted to Life During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Eight students from five graduate schools sat down with The Crimson to share their stories from an unprecedented year. They are not just students; they are bakers and entrepreneurs, fathers and daughters, volunteers and Olympic-hopeful rowers.

Joe Biden at Class Day
College Finance

Harvard Affiliates Troubled by Biden’s Stance on Student Loan Debt

Harvard students reacted with disappointment and frustration after President Joe Biden said on Feb. 16 he would not forgive more than $10,000 in federal student loan debt per borrower, singling out Harvard as an institution whose students did not require debt relief.