Datamatch Sends Love to Thirteen Schools

Datamatch, a free matchmaking service run by the Harvard Computer Society, is now available to students at 14 schools. Program organizers expanded Datamatch's reach from last year, when the service was available at four colleges and universities.

The True Dynamic Duo: Sex Week and Freshmen Family Weekend

Sorry Larry and Adele, a new dynamic duo is in town. Sex Week and Freshmen Family Weekend converge this upcoming weekend and it promises to be one of the most exciting ;) times of the year. We have all the strategies you need to combine them in the best way possible.


Datamatch, a free matchmaking service originally created by the Harvard Computer Society in 1994, has expanded to include Columbia, Barnard, Wellesley, and Brown University students.

Caught Between Harvard Hookups and Heartbreaks? Ask Veritawkward.

Our school lives might be thriving, but our love lives are just barely surviving. Veritawkward is here to make them a little more bearable, and a little less, er, awkward.

pda couple

Keep your lap-sitting OUT of the d-hall.

Accidentally in Love: Verena Conley

My big obsession right now is the question of care, in the sense of attentiveness to the world. We live in a world of censors where experience is discounted, but I still wanted to go back to a case where the woman from [this world] becomes observant and starts to look at the world better.

Students Explore the Square with Their Datamatches

After the release of Datamatch pairings, compatible students have scheduled their free meals at Zinnekens, El Jefe’s, Clover, and Pinkberry.

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