How To: Get a Late Start on Your Thesis

​It’s already more than halfway through September and some seniors may just realizing that they have a thesis to do...oops. Here are things you should remember as you kick your thesis into gear.

64 Undergraduates Receive Annual Hoopes Prize

​Sixty-four undergraduates learned Wednesday that they had received the College’s Hoopes Prize, an award that recognizes outstanding scholarly work or research. The majority of this year’s awardees received the prize for their senior theses or senior projects.

After Submitting Theses, Seniors Defend their Findings

​With the stress of submitting a senior thesis behind them, some students now face a new challenge of presenting and defending their findings to faculty and peers.

Theses Submitted, Seniors Excited to Leave the Library

Members of the Class of 2016 who submitted their senior theses said they are looking forward to spending their newfound free time away from libraries and looming deadlines.

Seniors Reflect on Their Thesis Experiences

As thesis deadlines rapidly approach, Harvard seniors reflected on the intellectual challenges associated with tackling massive projects​ and the struggle to balance regular coursework and writing.

How to Spot a Thesising Senior

​We’re now in the home stretch of the year. We await the coming of spring, which will probably arrive by late May if we’re lucky. But also approaching very quickly (or slowly depending on who you are) are the deadlines for senior theses. Of course not all seniors will be trading in their social lives for some quality time with their laptop in the library this semester. In fact, there is quite a sharp distinction between your studious, stressed out, sleep deprived senior working on a thesis, and your checked out, never stressed non-thesising senior who seemingly never leaves the Dhall. Two very different breeds of senior who do not take being mixed up lightly. We’re here to help you spot the difference.

Seniors Present Research at Weatherhead Center

After spending the summer researching around the world, 17 seniors presented their findings at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs’ undergraduate thesis conference last Thursday and Friday.

Pavić in Process

I’d been told to “swim” in the intellectual environment, to identify with the author and his sources, rather than scoop out what I wanted with my usual external and surgical precision.

Number of Creative Thesis Writers Doubles

Twenty seniors are currently working on creative theses—double the number of students who wrote them in 2013.

Creative Writing Theses

Twenty seniors are pursuing creative writing theses through the English department this year, double the number of students who wrote a creative writing thesis in 2013.

For Off-Cycle Seniors, Thesis-Writing Concludes

Most Harvard seniors edit, toil over, and finally turn in their theses in a communal flurry in the weeks leading up to spring break and Housing Day each spring. But for the College’s off-cycle seniors, the affair is less standardized and a bit more lonely, they say.

Senior Thesis Writers’ Conference

Veronica Wickline ’16, a history concentrator, presents her thesis topic on empowered widows in the Late Roman Empire at the Senior Thesis Writers’ Conference on Thursday afternoon in the basement of Robinson Hall.

Which Humanities Theses Are Fake and Which Are Real?

​As hard as it is to research an obscure thesis topic for months and write it up in a meager 100 or so pages, titling said thesis is likely the hardest part of the whole endeavor. The more esoteric the topic, the more amusing the title (we assume). FM scoured Lamont’s shelves to find the most entertaining humanities thesis titles. We threw in a few of our own creations just to keep you on your toes. Happy guessing! And if you wrote one of these...Well, you’ve got at least one question right by default!

68 Undergraduates Win Hoopes Prize

The annual grant seeks to award students for “promoting, improving, and enhancing the quality of literary, artistic, musical, scientific, historical, or other academic subject,” according to the Hoopes prize website.

Departments Prepare Potential Thesis Writers

According to faculty and staff from several departments, requiring or suggesting prospective thesis writers to draft proposals can help them develop their topics and planning summer research.

In the Studio: Working on a VES Senior Thesis

Seniors studying Visual and Environmental Studies will hand in their theses Friday, April 3. In this video, Samuel H. Rashba '15 discusses his drawing installation inspired by the novel, "The Shadow in the Wind."

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