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Should Harvard Red Light or Green Light the Blue Lights?

For how important they are to Harvard's discussion of safety, and despite their prevalence and accessibility, Harvard's emergency phone system is not something most Harvard students think about day to day. Dotting the grounds like glittering blue breadcrumbs, Harvard’s 530 blue light phones blend in with streetlights and gates and other doodads, becoming just another thing on campus.

Jazz Jennings is in Her Self-Care Era

Jazz Jennings’s reality TV show “I Am Jazz” aimed to increase trans visibility by showing she “was just a normal girl going through life, who just happened to be trans.” Now, Jazz is just a normal Harvard student, who also happens to make mermaid tails.

Maia Ramsden on Pro-Running, Pacific Poetry, and Y2K fashion

When Ramsden leaves Harvard for the real world, she’s planning to be a professional runner. I ask her what she’ll miss most. “I think I’ll miss being super busy, even though it’s hard to imagine right now,” she says. “That’s what everyone’s telling me anyway.”

At Vilna Shul, Shabbat is a Big Dill

With national attention trained on Harvard the past few months, engaging in Jewish spaces on campus has felt like more of a political endeavor. Pickle-making, gimmicky in all the right ways, was enough to get us out the door.

Picklemaking tea bags

We slice and combine, pour in water and a black tea bag (for crispiness, we’re told), and the whole thing is over faster than we thought.

Picklemaking cucumbers photo

There are buckets of cucumbers in an ice bath, stacks of mason jars, and bags of green beans. Each person measures mustard seed, red pepper flakes, and heaping tablespoons of salt.