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Where We Stand: The Class of 2013 Senior Survey

The Crimson conducted a survey of the Class of 2013 from May 11 to May 21. Nearly half of the senior class—780 respondents—answered questions on topics ranging from drug use to House satisfaction to post-graduation plans. We assume the sample is a random selection and therefore discount any selection bias. The results paint a picture of the class that graduates this week.

Harvard’s Equity Holdings Drop by 24 Percent in Last Quarter

Harvard University’s directly held U.S.-traded securities decreased in value from $1.2 billion to $921 million in the last quarter, one of the largest drops in recent history.

Obama Revises Student Loans

President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that he plans to sign an executive order that will ease the financial burden of student loans for many young Americans, including some Harvard undergraduates and graduate students.