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Harvard Ed School Affiliates Talk Hopes, Expectations For New Dean

Harvard Graduate School of Education students and faculty expressed the need for a dean who will value global education and promote interdisciplinary collaboration, following the announcement of HGSE Dean Bridget Terry Long’s resignation at the end of this academic year.

Harvard Ed School Praises Dean Long’s Legacy After Resignation Announcement

Following a Jan. 18 announcement of Bridget Terry Long’s plan to resign as Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean at the end of the academic year, HGSE affiliates reflected on her accomplishments during her six-year tenure.

Loneliness Expert Talks Individual and Societal Loneliness at Harvard School of Public Health Seminar

Louise C. Hawkley, a principal research scientist at the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, delved into the individual and societal factors that contribute to loneliness at a Harvard School of Public Health seminar Wednesday.