Peer Advising Fellows Instructed to Limit Academic Advising

Harvard College’s Advising Programs Office has instructed Peer Advising Fellows to not offer directive academic advice to freshmen and to instead refer students to their freshman advisers — a change some veteran PAFs say limits their ability to help freshmen.

Smith Campus Center

The Advising Programs Office, which recently announced changes to the freshman advising system, is housed in the Smith Campus Center.

Quincy Residents Make Up Nearly A Third of Harvard Rhodes and Marshall Winners from Past Decade

Over the past 10 years, 60 Harvard College graduates have received Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. Nineteen of those students lived in Quincy House, a number more than double the next highest number of winners from a single house.

Diversity Peer Educators Expand On-Campus Presence

The Diversity Peer Educators—a group of trained student facilitators that conduct outreach for the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion—grew in size from ten to 20 staff members in the program’s second year.

Twelve Advisers Awarded Sixth Annual Star Family Prize

The Advising Programs Office has recognized 12 academic advisers at the College for providing students “exemplary intellectual and personal guidance.”

Freshman Dean’s Office Announces New Awards for Freshmen

​Award season is in full swing at Harvard. In addition to the usual slate of Fulbright and Rhodes scholars, this spring will bring with it a new set of prizes for freshmen, along with a cohort of advising award winners announced Thursday.

Marketing The Humanities

Members of a Harvard College alumni panel gather with freshmen in the Barker Center to discuss financial opportunity for those choosing to pursue a degree in the humanities. During Harvard’s Advising Fortnight, departments across the college host numerous events to attract potential concentrators.

Marketing the Humanities

A number of events over Advising Fortnight fit into the larger trend of job-oriented marketing within the Arts and Humanities as many concentrations seek to attract more students and address their career concerns through an increase in job-focused advising events, alumni interactions, and published materials.

Good Degree, Better Food: Best Harvard Concentrations

As Advising Fortnight draws to a close, students and faculty alike vie for the attention of freshmen at various concentration events. Of course, the best way to to get college students to like you or to sign up for your stuff is to shower them with free things. So, for the overwhelmed freshmen trying to choose a concentration, Flyby has a foolproof way to narrow down your choices: It all comes down to food.

Advising Fortnight

Kate Brady ’19 makes conversation with a Social Studies concentration adviser at the Social Studies Ice Cream Social Tuesday afternoon. The event was one of the many events being hosted by all 49 concentrations as part of Advising Fortnight, a two-week period of events, panels, and office hours intended to help freshmen discover more about their possible future concentrations.

Superhero Capes and Conversation Launch Advising Fortnight

Members of the Advising Programs Office donned bright-red capes at the packed kickoff for the Advising Fortnight in Annenberg Hall on Monday, allowing freshmen to learn about the College's 49 concentrations.

Consulting Harvard

Tiger Club Tutoring is just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses springing up across the nation; it’s also just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses at Harvard.

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