My Dorm Room is Messy and I Blame Entropy

I remember learning about entropy in my high school chemistry class: Iit’s something about the scientific tendency of a system to move toward chaos. I guess I’ll blame the messiness on that.

Living Next to the Fly Turned Me Into a Party Girl and My Life Has Never Been Better

Over the weeks, I witnessed many other strange occurrences. I would hear the speaker blasting music, look outside, and see not a party, but two men at the outdoor tables, adding irresponsible investments to their stock portfolios. Once, I saw a singular man doing squats with a keg on his back while using the speaker.

An Interview With [Redacted] Gate Bearing [Redacted] Final Club Logo

A number of gates on Harvard’s campus that mark the entrance to University-owned space mysteriously bear the insignias of various Harvard final clubs. But since 1984, when nine all-male clubs officially severed ties with the university, all such social organizations have remained formally disaffiliated from the school.

Porcellian Club Gate

One of the various gates on Harvard's campus bearing a final club logo. Definitely not the gate we interviewed for this article. This gate is a different gate.

FM Imagines: Harvard’s Entry into the Homesick Candle College Town Collection

There's so much material to work with too: The golden scent of John Harvard's glistening shoe, or the flighty smell of a flock of Canada-Goose-jacket-wearing-tourists making their way through the Yard. So, as any diligent student would do, I've taken it upon myself to create my own Harvard-scented candle.

Scented Candles

Homesick Candles: College Towns is a candle line that attempts to capture the residential scents of college towns around the country.

I Went to the Grand Opening of &pizza/Milk Bar and All I Got Was the Cold Reminder That Harvard Square is Doomed to the Gentrification That Has Overtaken All Major Cities Across the United States

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, did he know he would be setting in motion an unstoppable cultural engine that could end only in hypertrends like a self-serious storefront that — let’s be clear — exists to sell pizza and ice cream?

The Life-Changing Magic of Quashing Clutter and Capitalism in your Email Inbox

As I typed, the status quo crumbled around me — I was Leo DiCaprio waking from his dream worlds in Inception. As I destroyed the illusions of my email inbox, the material world around me shook with possibility.

Is Your Teen Texting About the Smith Campus Center?

Now wait a darn minute, before you forbid your child from Smithing it up (as the youths say), studies show withdrawal symptoms include a sharp decrease in Pavement quality coffee consumption, and being considered “lame af” by peers.

Who Watches the Watchers? Smith Center Edition

The common area of Smith Campus Center where the students of Harvard College gather.

Leaked: The Bisexual Agenda

FM’s roving bisexual reporter has taken it upon herself to leak The Bisexual Agenda, in the interest of extending such visibility beyond the brief, sweet 24 hours of this vaguely named holiday.

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