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Advice to Josh: When Does Winter End?

As the weather fluctuates between the 30s and high 50s, and as the weeks hurtle by, it seems like spring should be coming. The air is slowly getting warmer, on average, and there are some buds starting to burst forth on bare branches. Still, Cambridge seems dreary and gray, and the midterm slump certainly isn't helping the sense of endless winter. So we're here to give Josh advice on knowing when exactly winter ends.

“No Fear or Danger of Their Forgetting it:” Revitalizing Wôpanâak from John Eliot’s Bible

Deep in the basement of Harvard’s Indian College, John Eliot worked for 14 years to translate and print the Bible. Completed in 1663, Eliot’s Bible was written in Wôpanâak, the language of local Native American tribes.