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The ‘Necessary Evil’ of Computer Science 124

Most students aren’t taking Computer Science 124: Data Structures and Algorithms for pride. They’re taking it to fulfill the computer science concentration’s Algorithms requirement. Hence the course’s description as “a necessary evil” in the Q Guide.

Advice to Josh: When Does Winter End?

As the weather fluctuates between the 30s and high 50s, and as the weeks hurtle by, it seems like spring should be coming. The air is slowly getting warmer, on average, and there are some buds starting to burst forth on bare branches. Still, Cambridge seems dreary and gray, and the midterm slump certainly isn't helping the sense of endless winter. So we're here to give Josh advice on knowing when exactly winter ends.

Delilah Brown, Campus Cafe Extraordinaire

Brown has since transitioned to her role as assistant manager of both Barker and Lamont Cafes, and she can be thanked for putting an end to students’ lonesome glances at the empty coffee bars. Now up and running for the 2023-2024 school year, featuring a menu of fresh pastries and brewed drinks, the cafes have restored their lively student audience and are accompanied by Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, or whoever’s on queue on Brown’s go-to playlist.

Beloved Math Lecturer Dusty Grundmeier Bids Farewell to Harvard

Math lecturer Dusty Grundmeier is leaving Harvard at the semester’s end. Known for his empathy and engaging lectures, he’s something of a legend among students on campus. We sat down with Grundmeier and interviewed students to explore what makes his teaching special.

TransQuinceañera: The Party that Educates as it Celebrates

A party that educates as much as it celebrates, TransQuinceañera, an event hosted by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Latinx Student Association and the LGBTQ@GSAS Association, invited the Harvard community to a vibrant evening of art and activism.

“I Don’t Chase, I Attract”: The Lure of Manifestation TikTok

On manifestation TikTok, superstitions and unfounded techniques promise the fruition of anything you desire. The more I scrolled, the more I was told to repeat phrases, to embrace my delusions, or to use an audio for good luck.