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Sazi Bongwe

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Harvard and Me

I was the only person I knew of coming to Harvard from South Africa, and, in turn, I was to everyone in South Africa the only person they knew going to Harvard — which is to say, I became Harvard.

What’s an Anarchist Book Fair Doing in Harvard Square?

The Democracy Center hosted the Boston Anarchist Book Fair — where, unlike Harvard, there aren’t classmates or faculty but ‘comrades,’ where the ambition isn’t to go work in the big banks but to destroy them.

Anarchist Book Fair 1

The Greater Boston Tenants Union booth at the Boston Anarchist Book Fair, held in Cambridge from November 12-13.

Our Little Interview with DJ Dinos Mekios

Constantinos “Dinos” Mekios, a 51-year-old resident DJ at WHRB, is a philosophy professor at Stonehill College by day; by night, he selects a record to play out of his collection of over 55,000.