2020 Election

David Axelrod and Political Analysts Offer Perspectives on the 2020 Presidential Election

The discussion featured political experts Frank Bruni, Amy Walter, and David Axelrod – a New York Times op-ed columnist, National Editor of The Cook Political, and former senior advisor to President Obama (2009-2011), respectively. It was moderated by Maya Sen ’00, a professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School.

2020 Elections and Communities of Color

At the Institute of Politics on Tuesday evening, Maria Hinojosa, Julio Ricardo Varela, LaTosha Brown and Renée Graham discussed the current engagement of communities of color within the 2020 election and the important role that these communities have in shaping the next four years of the country.

Harvard Democrats Back Student Groups for Presidential Candidates

As the Democratic primary race heats up across the country, various groups supporting individual campaigns have begun to crop up on campus, each seeking to differentiate the candidates from the wide field and gain supporters.

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