Flyby Datamatch

Datamatch Etiquette

Social situations are already stressful, but dates bring that stress (and awkwardness) to a whole new level. What's a socially-inhibited student to do when faced with Datamatch, Harvard's social-skills American Ninja Warrior?

Freshmen, Lower Your Datamatch Expectations

Although you may think Datamatch will hook you up with someone well-suited to your interests and personality, it may instead hook you up with someone you will occasionally make eye contact with in the D-hall for semesters to come.

Best of Datamatch: When They Understood Us

Missed the humor that is the Datamatch survey? We've cut it down to the highlights, and added our thoughts.

PSA: Datamatch is Here!

Datamatch 2017 is here to help you find a bae in time for Valentine's Day...or just get free food.

How To Spend Your Time Once You’ve Run Out of Tinder Swipes

​Just when you thought midterm season couldn’t get any worse, you run out of Tinder swipes. Now you’re stuck in Lamont with your thirst -- errr, ambition -- levels high. Fear not, for Flyby has you covered, with options of what to do when you run out of Tinder swipes.

The Scoop on the New Datamatch

Love is in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, or at least in the form of filling out 31 questions in a survey and praying that you get matched with that cute guy you always lock eyes with at Greenhouse Cafe–that’s right, Datamatch is back!

Last Day to Fill Out Datamatch

Act now or risk being alone forever. That's right, Datamatch 2016, as launched by the Harvard Computer Society with collaboration from Satire V and Professor of Psychology Steven Pinker, will be closing 12:00 a.m. on Valentine's Day. That's tonight for all of you who have trouble keeping track of what day it is. Don't miss this opportunity to find true, algorithm-based love at Harvard and the chance to eat free waffles at Zinneken’s, paid for by HCS. Help Harvard contribute to income inequality and continue to be the elite breeding ground that it is.

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