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Moral Labyrinth at Metalab

An Interdisciplinary Tangle

“The digital is not immaterial, it’s not some realm alternate to the realm we inhabit as human beings. We think of it as very palpable and material. What we’re interested in is our forms of ideation that translate into our forms of practice.”

Ukelele Man

The Island Vibe Fix

The last time I saw Uncle George, I was weeding his taro patch, and I was slightly unhappy with him.

Church With Trees

Save a Seat for Me in Hell

Everyone has that “thing” that makes them stick out. As an atheist, mixed-race, nerdy 10-year-old living in “Pennsyltucky,” I had more than a few “things,” but growing up in Amish Country, it was my lack of religion that most obviously separated me from my peers.